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Our apiary was founded in spring 2012 on the north-western coast of Hungary. Our main goal was to create and develop a high quality apiary, in which we have succeed. This is based on good working knowledge, practice and hard work. We have successfully finished our last year with more than 800 bee-colonies, waiting the beginning of the next season to continue in this work with renewed energy.

By choosing the type of our beehives we have decided to use the well-known Langstroth size, keeping in mind that this type is well suited to industrial beekeeping with it's packing system.

It was very important to us to choose our bees from the Apis Mellifica Carnica families, which are which are native in the Carpatian Basin, excellent in collecting of nectar and they have good reproductive abilities. We have put our focus on the health of our bees, especially to prevent the dangerous mite-infection. Thanks to our technique at our last treatment in the fall we have noticed just an insignificant amount of fallen mites, which is a good result in this year in which we heard lot of beekeepers complaining to the infection. We are also paying attention to prevent other harmful diseases, like nosema oftenly examine the egg layings.

The good beekeeper takes care of his or her bees like best pets in his or her house. We can say: each bee is the part of our family.
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